Meet Our Producers

Seed hunters. Next-generation extract artists. Pioneers who protect and nourish a plant that is deeply woven into the story of Humboldt County. Humboldt is the leading cannabis producing region
preserved for future generations.

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Aloha Humboldt

Linsey & Ryan, Owners

Estate family farm nestled in the dense forests of northeastern Humboldt on a mountaintop overlooking the Trinity Alps. Experience curated craft cannabis.


How did you get started in cannabis?

We have been cultivating cannabis together since 1998, giving each plant individual attention and care. We grow cannabis using environmentally friendly and sustainable farming practices. We celebrate the connections of our cannabis culture in the Emerald Triangle, and the aloha culture of the Hawaiian Islands; encouraging you to enhance and elevate your well-being by experiencing nature and the intimate relationship we share with plants and our earth. 

How does your farm help tell the Humboldt cannabis story?

We champion sustainable practices for the good of our community, our consumer, the sacred Cannabis plant, and the environment. Our family farm is dedicated to promoting the legacy of small farms that Humboldt County has become known for and the community it has built.

What do you have in your stash?

That’s easy. White Tahoe Cookies is always my favorite!

Anything else you'd like to share?

Aloha Humboldt is a member of Willow Creek Cannabis Alliance. Our mission is to support our community and enhance awareness of the exceptional cannabis products crafted in the Willow Creek region and surrounding mountain communities.

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