Education On-Demand

HCGA provides expert educational opportunities with online professional development workshops and webinars. 

UFCW presents to HCGA on Labor Peace Agreements in cannabis

Natalynne DeLapp

The United Food and Commercial Workers Union present on Labor Peace Agreements for cannabis operations.

Human Resources for Cannabis Businesses

Jenifer DeBruno

Presentation on Employment at Will, Independent Contractors vs. Employees, Exempt vs. Non-Exempt, and Proper HR Documentation.

Valeria Cruz

A brief update on accounting procedures IRC 471(c ) & 280E.

Cannabis Intellectual Property Workshop for Humboldt

Ashley Roybal-Reid

Farella Braun + Martell

Learn to protect your IP as competition increases and the cannabis market expands.

Humboldt Cannabis: How to Form a Non-Profit

Natalynne DeLapp

Learn in 7 steps how to form a mutual benefit non-profit organization in the Humboldt cannabis industry.

Courtney Augustus

Learn the basics of SWOT analysis and value proposition. 

Climate Adaptations for Humboldt Cannabis

Michael J. Furniss

Understand the factors and impact of climate change, and create adaptation resiliency.

Accounting for cannabis businesses Part 1

Valeria Cruz-Sandino

KWB Accounting

Workshop on the best way to deal with COGS, 280E and accrual vs cash for your cannabis business.

Accounting for cannabis businesses Part 2

Valeria Cruz-Sandino

KWB Accounting

Learn how to protect your cannabis business from tax compliance and other pitfalls common to the industry

PR & Media Training for Humboldt Cannabis

Tracey Henry, Alicia Brown

Learn how to engage with the media and present a positive image of your business and the industry.

Doing Business with Tribes Part 1

Lisa Sundberg

Nations Business Link

How to do business with tribes: what to avoid, what to look for and how to navigate the tribal landscape

Cannabis Business Finance Part 1

Larry Goldberg

Sequoia Technical Services

Learn the essentials of standard accounting methods & principles for your business

Cannabis Business Finance Part 2

Larry Goldberg

Sequoia Technical Services

Learn how to develop a 5-year pro forma financial plan for your cannabis business

Diversity & Inclusivity in Cannabis

Arlene Pitterson


How to integrate your business like your farm, create diversity reports and find funding

Resume Writing for Work in Cannabis

Courtney Augustus

Professional Lettuce

How to prepare a stand-out 1-page resume for work in the cannabis industry in Humboldt and beyond.

Doing Business with Tribes Part 2

Lisa Sundberg

Nations Business Link

Opportunities working with tribes: taxation, product types, joint ventures and brand transfer/licensing.

Many of these workshops were made possible thanks to a generous grant from the County of Humboldt’s Headwaters Fund.