The suport HCGA gives to its membership has been invaluble to the success of my family-operated cannabis business. I really appreciate knowing the HCGA team has its pulse on county and state regulations. As a grower, my priority is running my business, it is tough to keep up on all the changes. The weekly HCGA industry affairs call keeps me up-to-date with the evolving regulations and my cultivating colleagues throughout the county.

The Humboldt County Grower’s Alliance has supported our cannabis community and brought together the over achieving businesses in Humboldt’s cannabis industry consistently providing us with timely information on policy with weekly industry affairs calls, educational series, and countless other support platforms. This organization uses peer-based reviews with our district policy representatives to better understand the needs of many, and act to effectively support us with cooperative partnerships throughout the industry. I’m grateful for all of the work HCGA has done and will continue doing for independent farmers!

HCGA is a valuable part of our cannabis community. They provide a forum for information exchange, education, and connections. HCGA also provides a voice for our needs and concerns to the California State government, and represents us in the discussions of the legal direction and plans for this new, evolving industry.

HCGA provides the space where the local cannabis industry--or more accurately, industries--can collaborate for the good of all and to the benefit of the wider Humboldt community. In addition, HCGA gives us an effective and efficient platform for policy improvements, both local and beyond, that enhance our businesses.

HCGA has been instrumental in bringing policy to farmers in a manageable format that allows us to participate in the shaping of a conscious cannabis industry which reflects our values while we focus on running our family farms. These policies affect our daily life as farmers as well as the health of our communities and it is of utmost importance that we are able to participate. Thank you HCGA!

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