About HCGA

It is the mission of HCGA to preserve, protect and enhance Humboldt County’s
world-renowned cannabis industry

Our Vision

We are influential with policymakers at the county and state level at a time when our industry is poised to tackle state and (coming) national and international markets.

Built on a foundation of environmentally responsible cultivation, and drawing on fifty years of industry experience, our members are leaders of sustainably produced and manufactured cannabis.

Our members have the tools and know-how to compete, comply, and thrive in the regulated market through a variety of well-positioned businesses.

Cannabis culture is intimately woven into the cloth of our social landscape.

Humboldt County’s world-renowned cannabis is recognized and sought after.

Our members are good neighbors. We take pride in giving back to Humboldt County through our tax dollars and community engagement. We believe social responsibility and environmental leadership are fundamental to Humboldt County’s future success.

Our Goals

Professionally represent its members’ interests through transparent, democratic processes.

Represent sustainability, including compassion for patients, social equity, and a focus on the Triple Bottom Line of people, planet, and prosperity.

Provide access to free educational resources, online and in-person collaboration, and business-to-business networking.

Normalize the cannabis industry.

Humboldt County’s collective intellectual property is protected and enhanced, and a unified marketing strategy is developed.

Encourage a culture of philanthropy.

Our Bylaws

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