Genetics Conference

Micro-Farming: Food, Income, Compost & Medicine Crops

Living off the land. As a global culture, local food and crop production are at its peak importance. Humboldt County offers thousands of established agricultural businesses. During this track, farmers will learn a micro approach to diversifying their crops and create a sustainable farm for farm workers and their families. Presented by Chris Verni of CEO & Founder of Northwest Cultivation, moderated by Daniel Stein of Briceland Forest Farm.

Viruses, Viroids & Pathology

A deep dive into plant pathology. From bacteria, fungal pathogens, viruses, and viroids. What is the difference, and why should a cannabis farmer be informed? During this track, attendees will learn how to test for these different pathogens, the importance of quarantine of new plants, and the benefits of protecting your crop. Presented by Anna-Liisa Fabritius, Ph.D. of AL&L Crop Solutions, and moderated by Joanna Berg of Dirty Business Soil.

Tissue Culture &
Meristematic Restoration

The apical meristem creates the cure. With each emerging pest or pathogen, farmers are presented with new challenges. Go behind the scenes to learn how to restore old cannabis genetics to their original vigor. During this track, attendees will learn how tissue culture can be utilized to cure Hops Latent Viroid, also known in cannabis as “duds-syndrome.” Presented by Jeremy Warren Ph.D. of Dark Heart Industries, and moderated by Daniel Hendricks of Hendrx. 

DNA of Cannabis: Gene Editing for Yield

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) and Gene Editing (GE). What is the difference between these methods, and why are they utilized across many large scale agricultural crops? In this track, farmers will learn about new technologies applicable in cannabis, and what the outcome may have on their plants. Presented by Venki Pegadaraju, Ph.D. of Agribody, moderated by Eleanor Kuntz of Leafworks DNA.

Genetic Storage for Common Access

Cannabis varieties are now considered as Intellectual Property (IP). What kinds of tools are available for breeders and organizations within or outside the licensed cannabis market to protect and/or make their IP available? During this track, farmers will learn how some cannabis breeders and farms are sharing their IP to facilitate small farmers and breeders to make the most of their opportunities. Presented by Dale Hunt Ph.D. of Planet Law, Breeder’s Best & the Ethical Data Alliance, moderated by Angela Bacca.

Cannabis Breeder's Rights & Bioethics

During this discussion, attendees will hear from the influencers in the Humboldt cannabis breeders environment and debate the practices and applications available to cannabis breeders and small farmers. Across the globe, pharmaceutical and agricultural powerhouses are rushing to the breeders, and to farmers to utilize their IP. Learn from the experts how to prepare yourself for the world of cannabis breeding and intellectual property. Presented by Nat Pennington, Jerry Whiting, Jesse Dodd, Sunshine Johnston, Eleanor Kuntz, and Colleen Buyers.