Licensed Cannabis Operators

Membership is extended to any cultivators, manufacturers, distribution, testing labs, retail, and nurseries with local authorization within Humboldt County and licensed under state law.

Serving the Interests of your Business

HCGA provides you with the following benefits


Ensure your business’ interests are represented in public policy arenas.


HCGA is a reliable source you can count on for up-to-date industry information.

  • Online member communication platform
  • Weekly, in-depth newsletter
  • Weekly Industry Affairs Call

Cash Savings 

Save money working with companies that support you. Reduce expensive consulting costs.

  • Access discount pricing opportunities with HCGA Allied Industry Businesses.
  • Crowdsource your questions and get answers in real time from our exclusive online community.

Professional Development

Take advantage of HCGA’s Workforce Series, where experts from the business world help you comply and thrive in a regulated market.

  • Online professional development workshops with on-demand viewing.
  • Peer-to-peer information sharing.

Supply-Chain Connections  


To keep the cannabis industry thriving in Humboldt County and across California, join forces and share your ideas, experience, and expertise.

Membership Tiers

HCGA’s maintains a progressive pricing structure designed to equitably share costs across its membership. The operators with the most employees, square feet and/or licenses pay more than the operators with the fewest employees, square footage and/or licenses.  

HCGA Membership Levels

Because participation is vital to the industry, and HCGA seeks to reduce barriers to entry, HCGA offers a basic membership.

Benefits include:

  • Weekly newsletter
  • Industry Affairs Call
  • Print newsletters
  • Educational workshops

Basic Membership does NOT include:

  • Access to the online communications platform
  • Free access to in-person conferences
  • The ability to serve on the Board of Directors or committees
Seed hunters. Next-generation extract artists. Pioneers who protect and nourish a plant that is deeply woven into the story of Humboldt County. Humboldt is the leading cannabis producing region preserved for future generations. To realize this vision, we must:
  • Position and showcase Humboldt as the world’s premiere cannabis region. Farmers, extractors, distributors, labs and retailers work together to tell the story of Humboldt and engage key markets. 

  • Provide leadership to solve industry challenges for Humboldt. We monitor legislation, and working together with our plant-touching members, we represent their interests in local and state government.

  • Exemplify the core values of Humboldt County: people, planet and prosperity. We work to foster collaboration and provide opportunities for our members to share their knowledge and just enjoy being together in this beautiful place.

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Be part of our mission to preserve, protect and enhance Humboldt’s world-renowned cannabis.