DewPoint Farms

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DewPoint Farms

Andelain & Prem Roy, Founders & Owners

A multi-generational craft cannabis farm in Honeydew, Humboldt County.


Tell us about your farm

We are a multi generational craft cannabis farm and we specialize in sungrown flower. Our legacy cultivation techniques combined with pure Honeydew Highland mountain elements provide the perfect environment in which to nourish our high quality cannabis.

Your farm is the highlands of Humboldt. What is it like where you grow your cannabis?

The DewPoint farm is nestled on a ridge-line with full sun, peeks of the ocean, and epic views of the skyline over the Kings Range in Humboldt County. This region is known to have some of the wildest lands in California, and we are proud to call it HOME.

How does your farm help tell the Humboldt cannabis story?

Andelain: I am a third-generation Humboldt cannabis cultivator who’s thriving. Our farm follows a family tradition of love and dedication to growing cannabis. As a mother of two, I consider it an honor to carry on that cannabis farming legacy. This is not just a business. It’s our home. One we’re proud to raise our children in and teach them to continue this way of life. We were born in Humboldt County and it is the only place we dream to be. I will never commoditize my plants. I value the quality and uniqueness of my products far too much.

What's one thing people would be surprised to learn about you?

I sit on the board of several non-profits, and we support the Mattole Watershed and Mattole Fire Department

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