Meet Our Producers

Seed hunters. Next-generation extract artists. Pioneers who protect and nourish a plant that is deeply woven into the story of Humboldt County. Humboldt is the leading cannabis producing region
preserved for future generations.

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Humboldt Flavor

Kevin & Bobbie Spurlock, Owners

At Humboldt Flavor, cultivation starts with nutrient-rich organic compounds in a sustainable farming practice. Our plants are hand nurtured through the process and harvested at peak maturity for the greatest potency. 


How did you get started in cananbis?

I moved to Humboldt County in 2004 and was introduced to cannabis cultivation and Humboldt culture. I love farming and the lifestyle of being outdoors and in nature.

What are the most rewarding aspects of your job? And the most challenging?

The most rewarding aspects of my work is producing organic, amazing product to provide to our consumers. The most challenging is nbavigating legalization and compliance!

What do you think makes Humboldt unique compared to other cannabis regions?

Humboldt has very steep terrain. It’s very wooded and beautiful. Its got a lot of amazing microclimates in one county.

What do you have in your stash?

We love Train Wreck and always keep it in our stash.

What advice would you give someone trying to get into the industry in Humboldt?

Good luck! Work hard, it will pay off in the end. It doesn’t come easy.

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