Meet Our Producers

Seed hunters. Next-generation extract artists. Pioneers who protect and nourish a plant that is deeply woven into the story of Humboldt County. Humboldt is the leading cannabis producing region
preserved for future generations.

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Sunrise Mountain Farms

Lorelie and Dave Sandomeno

Conscious cannabis farming in Humboldt County.


Tell us about Sunrise Mountain Farms

We’ve been growing cannabis for 23 years. Our cannabis is estate grown in the northeastern mountains of Humboldt County at an elevation of 2,500’, bordered by national forest, and surrounded by wild nature. Our select Cannabis strains enjoy a unique microclimate. Another thing about our farm: We pride ourselves in hand-making our own nutrients for our plants . . . it’s truly a labor of love: combining ingredients that produce superior flowers. 

What's the most rewarding aspects of your job? And the most challenging?

We love being creative entrepreneurs working with one of the most powerful, herbal, medicinal plants. Our ultimate passion is to support people in feeling healthy and well. We believe the sustainable medicine we grow will support folks in achieving optimal wellness.

Regulations, stigma and perception of cannabis are some of our biggest challenges in producing high quality medicine. We strive to make products that support and normalize cannabis use as a supplement for optimal wellness. 

Terroir matters to you. Tell us more.

Sunrise Mountain plants drink pure mountain spring water, root into vital soil, and see the sunrise every morning. The location of our farm contributes to exemplary terpene expression. We experience hot inland daytime temperatures and autumnal cool, crisp evenings with a slight coastal influence.

What do you have in your stash?

We love smoking our own product!

What do you think makes Humboldt unique compared to other cannabis growing regions?

We think the back-to-the-land culture developed in the 70’s really makes Humboldt a special and environmentally conscious region. It’s in alignment with our personal values. Our climate is also ideal for growing high quality cannabis. Humboldt cannabis is world-renowned and irreplaceable for these two reasons.

What's one thing people would be surprised to learn about you?

We’ve traveled around the world. Now we have three  beautiful kids!

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