State Level Advocacy

Our mission is to ensure that HCGA members’ voices are heard in the Capitol and beyond. 

Our Government Affairs Program provides a unique platform for Humboldt County’s cannabis industry to benefit
from direct representation with policymakers in Sacramento.

What You Get From US

Serve as a unifed voice for HCGA’s membership.

Engage and impact State legislation, regulation and public policy

Provide a platform for members’ participation in a democratic process

Education and inform public policy makers and infuencers with its specialized knowledge and expertise

Transparent Process

HCGA government relations professionals monitor proposed legislation and regulations to evaluate their impact on members. Information is presented to the membership during weekly Industry Affairs calls and via its online member platform for group discussion and feedback. The Policy Committee, an elected and appointed decision-making body, votes to direct HCGA’s policy positions. HCGA staff implements the directives of the membership, submits formal letters to the authors of bills stating the position of the organization and  implements grassroots advocacy programs for or against specifc legislation throughout the legislative process.

Latest News

Policy Committee Members

Chairperson, Kaylie Saxon, Forbidden Fruit Farms
District 1, Tyler Safier, Safier Family Farm
District 2, Alexis Huber, Highline Nursery
District 3, Maple Aguilar, Emerald Family Farms
District 4, Stephen Gieder, The Ganjery
District 5, Hannah Whyte, Emerald Queen Farms​
Nikolai Erickson, Full Moon Farms
Mark Feldman, Proxima Investments
Mohamad Alnakhlawi, Green Ox Distribution
Nathan Voelckers, Cache Farms​
Alex Ozaki-McNeill, Flower Co.​

The Process of the Policy Committee

Policy Committee elections occur in the fall. Any active/current, plant-touching member of HCGA may nominate themselves for the Policy Committee. Licensed operators may appoint a staff person to serve on behalf of their business and the greater community. Members need to apply for a seat based on the County Supervisorial District in which their primary business is located (not the place of residence). One vote cast per membership for each district candidate. All membership types may vote.

  • Yearly election

  • Unlimited terms

The elected members of the Policy Committee represent the other business members within their district. HCGA Board Members appoint one “at large” license holder to serve on the Policy Committee.

  • Votes to adopt policy strategic plan

  • Votes on policy positions for the organization

  • Policy Committee members must participate in the weekly Industry Affairs call.

  • The Policy Committee meets once a week by conference call to vote on discussed policy decisions.

  • Votes are recorded on HCGA’s online communication platform.

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