A collective marketing strategy to support Humboldt County cannabis brands in the county.


Aiming to bolster legal pot sales that support the local economy, HCGA launched a public information campaign –#Ask4Humboldt–that encourages consumers to purchase tested and legal, Humboldt cannabis products from licensed dispensaries.

Benefits of an “Act Local Approach”
  1. Increase consumer education and awareness as to the benefits of Humboldt cannabis products 
  2. Increase budtender awareness as to the benefits of supporting Humboldt cannabis products
  3. Increase exposure for branded Humboldt cannabis product lines
  4. Increase foot traffic within local dispensaries
  5. Improve public relations by putting faces to Humboldt’s cannabis industry
  6. Build upon existing culture and campaigns “Shop Local,” “Choose Humboldt,” and “Americas Cannabis Heartland”
  7. Increase local fanfare 
  8. Show visitors that Humboldt embraces its cannabis industry 
  9. Beta-test and improve marketing strategies in the local market first
  10. Improving local brand response may help improve response in outside markets

How Humboldt's Cannabis Industry can Participate

June 18-19

Ask for Humboldt Exhibit at the Mateel Summer Arts & Music Festival

The Ask for Humboldt campaign secured an informational booth space at the Mateel’s Summer Arts and Music Festival. The exhibition’s goal is to display as many of Humboldt’s cannabis brands as possible within a single location, along with outreach posters that share the benefits of the campaign. All packaging must be empty, and no sales are allowed. Displayed producers will work the booth.

Do you have retail-ready cannabis products? If so, add your information to this form. Co-packaged white labeling is okay. If you have packaged product but are not currently distributing it, that is okay–add your information to the form.

Would you like to table with the Ask for Humboldt booth at the Mateel Summer Arts on either Saturday, June 18, or Sunday, June 19? Sign up for one of the 90-minute slots.

Every Friday in July, August, and September
Exhibit at the Eureka Friday Night Market

The Ask for Humboldt campaign secured exhibition space at Humboldt Made’s Eureka Friday Night Markets that run fourteen Fridays during July, August, and September. The exhibition is strictly educational. These exhibitions are an opportunity to interact with the public, put faces to the industry, share the wealth of knowledge the industry has with the community, and educate interested people about being a locally owned cannabis business. Click here to sign up to exhibit.

HCGA Provides


Staff will coordinate with all participating Humboldt cannabis brands and retailers and their respective marketing departments, e.g., promotions, fresh drops, farm demo days, social media, etc.

Social Media

Establish a new social media presence, @Ask4Humboldt, that targets local people who enjoy cannabis and/or are canna-curious. Coordinated social media presence with participating brands and dispensaries. #Hashtags for increased exposure.
Contract with a graphic designer to consistently produce and recreate new content.

Partnering Dispensaries

  • Develop a “Weed Walk” scavenger hunt that encourages prospective customers to enter participating dispensaries and “Ask for Humboldt.” 
  • As resources provide, the campaign will give the dispensaries printed collateral that promotes the “Ask for Humboldt” campaign. 
  • May help coordinate farmer demo days. 
  • May collaborate with dispensaries to produce ads that promote “Ask for Humboldt.”


  • “Ask for Humboldt” presence at all Friday Night Markets July 1-September 30
  • “Weed Walk” July, August, September, and October at Arts Alive
  • Exhibition at various events, e.g., Summer Arts, NNMF, County Fair, etc.
  • New social media @Ask4Humboldt Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.
  • Establish an HCGA Elected Marketing Committee
    Host Bi-monthly Market Dynamics Call (twice a month)
  • Create a fundraising plan to approach non-cannabis businesses
  • Provide one full-time staff member to coordinate and implement the above tasks
Participating brands and dispensaries must be dues paying members of HCGA. Dues are based on a progressive tiering structure. See hcga.co for license operator rates.

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