Altum Mind
Short Description: We understand the dynamics of this industry because almost every one of us have been cultivators ourselves. We created Altum Mind to be the one-stop hub for all your needs, be it processing, storage, COD on TRIM, favorable net terms on flower or in-house compliance testing. And as the industry shifts, so do we. Soon we’ll be offering compliance consulting, a flower showroom, and white labeling. We’ve been here all along. WE ARE ALTUM MIND.
Phone: (707) 517-6463
Bear Extraction House
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Short Description: FARMERS, WE WANT TO WORK WITH YOU! FRESH FROZEN Diversify and simplify your harvest. No drying, trimming or post harvest hassles. Safe & secure storage for your harvest. FLOWER & TRIM. Sell your flower quickly with our experienced sales team. Sales teams located in Humboldt County & Los Angeles, CA.
Phone: (707) 693-2222
Green Ox
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Short Description: Green Ox connects each corner of the ecosystem via processing, distribution, logistics and co-packing services. You breakdown, we hand trim. Hand Trimming starting at – $160/lb. Selling through Green Ox. Green Ox works hard to provide competitive pricing to ensure that processing and distribution is seamless and profitable for the Grower. If you already have an existing buyer, Green Ox will transfer the product directly to the licensed buyer from the Green Ox facility for a transfer fee of $25/lb for flower, $5/lb for trim. Green Ox was founded by growers, for growers – our mission is to create and provide systems necessary for your continued success.
Phone: (707) 633-4661
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Short Description: Sell cannabis in California. We are a community of cannabis farmers. An easier way to buy and sell bulk cannabis. Our revolutionary data-driven model streamlines the purchasing process, offers radical transparency in the supply chain, and creates a feedback loop between farms and customers. We work directly with farmers, know the plants in the ground and can pass unprecedented information on to our buyers/sellers. All of this adds up to a cannabis partner building trust and setting new expectations for consistency, quality, and safety. Buy cannabis clones with confidence. Clean, Reliable Genetics.
High Grade Distribution
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Short Description: High Grade Distribution has been providing the world with Humboldt Cannabis Culture since 2004. After the passage of prop 215 the dream became a reality and we were able to ship High Grade Humboldt Cannabis all over California. Today, High Grade Distribution is home to award winning products from Talking Trees, Satori Tea, Space Gem, and Rebel Grown.
Phone: 707-839-4499
Humboldt AF Distribution
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Short Description: Humboldt AF Cannabis is a farm to table Cannabis company. Distribution. Humboldt AF Cannabis provides Cannabis distribution services throughout the state of California. Reach out to us at sales@humboldtafc.com to discuss your logistical needs. Manufacturing. Humboldt AF Cannabis uses state of the art automated manufacturing equipment to maintain the highest levels of quality production
Phone: (707) 497-6091
Humboldt Brand Cannabis Company
Short Description: The Sherr family created the Humboldt Brand Cannabis Company working with farms throughout the county to get you finest sun grown product in the state nourished by the soil and diverse ecosystem of the redwood forest in what many would say the most ideal environment in the country for growing cannabis. When it comes time to harvest, manufacture, and distribute, Humboldt Brand takes pride in packaging and producing product alongside the greatest cannabis farmers in the country to give you, the connoisseur, the Premium American Cannabis experience.
Humboldt Distribution Company
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Short Description: We pride ourselves on honesty, integrity and transparency. Let us help you with your distribution needs. Services we offer: transportation—secure local and statewide, bulk sales—flower, smalls, trim and concentrates, packaging—we support local brands, testing—we can help facilitate all testing, procurement—we take flower, smalls, and trim, white label—flower, pre-rolls, and vape carts, manufacturing—bulk crude and distillate, toll processing—let us toll for your. METRC—don’t worry, we can help you with METRC too!
Phone: 1-877-Humboldt
Humboldt Farms
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Short Description: We are one of the leading sun-grown cannabis brands born and bred in Humboldt County. Our mission is to cultivate and distribute the highest quality cannabis flower and extracts. We are old school growers ourselves, and know that some of the most vibrant, radiant cannabis in the world grows in our county. We represent the farmers who grow by the light of the moon, the rays of the sun, the blessings of the rain, the mercy of clouds, the energy of the wilderness, and the spirit of the land. Our farmers use sustainable farming practices, robust seed genetics, and the wisdom of experience. Our processing team maintains the integrity of our flower from harvest to distribution at our state-of-the-art facility. We also offer trimming and processing services, as well as bulk purchasing. If you would like to get in touch with our procurement team or become a farm partner, please email alex@humfarms.com for more information. If you are looking to make a bulk purchase, request trimming services, or inquire about working with us in some way, please email erin@humfarms.com. Thank you for CHOOSING KINDLY.
Humboldt Seed Company
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Short Description: Humboldt Seed Company is the preeminent cannabis seed company in California. We are the leader in cannabis breeding, and strain development. We sell to licensed cultivators, and dispensaries all over California.
Humboldt Trim Company
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Short Description: You’ve grown, dried, and cured the best craft Cannabis buds in the world, but now it’s time to get them ready for sale. Our quality hand trimming services will ensure your products are well manicured to look their best so you can get the best prices. Locally owned and operated Cannabis Facility specializing in Processing, Pre Rolls, Bulk Sales, Transport, and Testing.
Phone: 855-707-TRIM (8746)
Kiskanu Manufacturing, Distribution & Retail
Short Description: Located in Northern Humboldt, our family owned and operated business benefits from over 20 years of experience in the cannabis industry. Kiskanu grows and sources only the freshest and finest cannabis from our network of legacy sun grown cultivators from Humboldt County and the surrounding hills. We source high quality cannabis from local farms for our products packaged flower, prerolls, and cannabis infused skin care. Interested in showing your flower at our Eureka or LA showroom? Contact bulkflower@kiskanu.com. Kiskanu sells shelf-ready/branded products at their retail outlet in Eureka, contact curator@kiskanu.com.
Papa & Barkley
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Short Description: Plant-Powered Medicine. Add us to your medicine cabinet. Papa & Barkley creates topicals, tinctures, transdermals, skin care, and edibles. Papa’s Select creates, Living Extracts, the name coined for our collection of Live Rosin as it speaks to the premium nature of our extracts and our careful, artisanal process. Our commitment to clean and effective cannabis starts with developing lasting relationships with our farm partners and the communities they serve. Papa & Barkley buys fresh frozen. We work together to ensure every plant, every ingredient, and every product we make is clean, safe, and effective.
Phone: tiana@papaandbarkley.com
Peak Industries
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Short Description: PEAK is a small privately owned premier distribution & manufacturing company located in the heart of Humboldt County. We take pride in offering top quality products at tremendous value. From flower & pre-rolls, to oils & bubble hash, PEAK carries a wide variety of cannabis products with something for everyone. Support small farms and businesses by purchasing from PEAK.
Redwood Roots
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Short Description: Redwood Roots is a homegrown community focused cannabis distributor that works with multi generational farmers and canna-artisans providing a local platform that brings their craft cannabis to market while keeping true to the roots of sustaining a healthy community and environment. TO GET THINGS ROLLING, PLEASE: TALK to a Redwood Roots team member (707) 923-1236. Sarah Hartsoe: Farmer Relations Director, Sarah@RedwoodRootsFamily.com.
Phone: (707) 923-1236
Sun Growers Guild
Short Description: Through HSGG, you have access to our in-house brands, True Humboldt and Region, as well as private labeling, manufacturing, and distribution. Services provided include: sales, procurement, storage, fulfillments, co-packing, transportation, pre-rolls, testing, and delivery.
Trusty Transportation
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Short Description: Trusty was established in 2015 based out the beautiful Emerald Triangle, Humboldt County. It all started with a family, a dream and a passion for cannabis and all of it’s healing properties. We strive to have the most affordable quality cannabis for every cannabis lover, with an array of products in over 250 retailers