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Short Description: WARNING: YOUR TERPENES EVAPORATE QUICKLY. Without a terpene shield in your container or package, cannabis flower loses its terpenes and everything with it, the desired aromas, flavors and effectiveness you love! Boveda’s Terpene Shield technology regulates the humidity of its environment. The 2-way moisture control technology allows for excess moisture to be absorbed or released as needed creating a terpene shield around your bud! DON’T CLOSE THE LID WITHOUT THE ORIGINAL TERPENE SHIELD™. Only Boveda offers a monolayer of purified water that protects your cannabis terpenes from evaporation and degradation. And as a company with 23 years devoted to the science of 2-way humidity control, we know you’ll benefit from our commitment to precision.
Front Row Ag / Solstice Ag
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Short Description: Complete Soluble Powder Fertilizer optimized for Cannabis.
Phone: 7075999197
House & Garden Nutrients / Humboldt Wholesale
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Short Description: House & Garden Nutrients is based in Humboldt County, with our entire worldwide production and distribution occurring right here in Arcata. We know that gardeners have many nutrient options; choosing House & Garden provides you with a premium quality product while bringing jobs and prosperity to our community. House & Garden is a proud member of the HCGA and Humboldt Made!
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North Coast Horticulture
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Short Description: SERVICE. SELECTIONS. SOLUTIONS. HORTICULTURAL SUPPLIES + FARM DIRECT SERVICES. Accessories, nutrients, lighting, propagation, pest controls, biologicals, irrigation, pots and trays, and growing media. SCIENCE YOUR SOIL, Knowledge is power, and knowing what nutrients your soil has & what your plants uptake is the power professional gardeners need. HUMBOLDT AG SUPPLY, What to put in the ground, how much, and when? HumAg can support all of your soil fertility needs with our comprehensive product offerings. FARM-DIRECT PRICING. Being #1 means getting the lowest prices possible. You can do it by becoming a Farm-Direct customer, with prices too low to publish.
Phone: (707)839-9998
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Short Description: Agricultural wholesale distributor. Greenhouse kits and covers, organic and natural fertilizers, harvest supplies and solutions. #Stashbags #renegades