Green Leaf Nurseries
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Short Description: Green Leaf Nurseries, a division of Sensi Valley, is a state licensed is a small cannabis farm & nursery located in the heart of the Emerald Triangle in Humboldt County, California. Our genetics come from some of the best breeders in the region and grow well in the unique climate of Northern California. We have a range of old school favorites including Train Wreck and OGs as well as new popular exotics such as Gelato 41, Ice Cream Cake, Bad Girl, PB Breath & more! Coming soon feminized and auto-flower seeds.
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Short Description: Sell cannabis in California. We are a community of cannabis farmers. An easier way to buy and sell bulk cannabis. Our revolutionary data-driven model streamlines the purchasing process, offers radical transparency in the supply chain, and creates a feedback loop between farms and customers. We work directly with farmers, know the plants in the ground and can pass unprecedented information on to our buyers/sellers. All of this adds up to a cannabis partner building trust and setting new expectations for consistency, quality, and safety. Buy cannabis clones with confidence. Clean, Reliable Genetics.
Hendrx Farms
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Short Description: At HENDRX Farms in Humboldt County, all clones are created equal. It is with these values, that HENDRX is accustomed to the responsibility of providing healthy, clean and valuable genetics to our associated farms. To ensure vibrant proliferate clones, HENDRX farmers propagates both rare and popular genetics making them commercially available through out California. Don’t buy clones from strangers! We pride ourselves on providing consistent, high-quality, and fully licensed clones that are cultivated to the highest commercial growing standards. We incorporate microscope inspection, beneficial bacteria boosts, predatory mites, virology screening, horticultural essential oils and more to ensure your plants are clean and pesticide-free. Hendrx is the only clone nursery to incorporate breeding, phenotype discovery, genetic research, and scientific collaboration into our cultivation process, ensuring both rare and popular cannabis genetics.
Phone: (707) 840 5667
Humboldt Highline Nursery
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Short Description: Like everything about Highline Nursery, our facility is state of the art. With capacity for over 30,000 rooted cannabis clones per week and 5,000 per individual strain, we’re large enough to meet any cultivator’s needs. By choosing Highline Nursery, you can rest assured that your clones are in the best hands. Our state-of-the-art facility provides the ideal environment for our mothers and babies to thrive. This is complemented by rigorous standard operating procedures to ensure that every plant gets the attention it needs and every clone that leaves the facility meets our high standard of quality. We believe that our success is rooted in keeping our customers as happy and thriving as we keep our plants. Let us be the first step to your success this season.
Humboldt Seed Company
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Short Description: Humboldt Seed Company is the preeminent cannabis seed company in California. We are the leader in cannabis breeding, and strain development. We sell to licensed cultivators, and dispensaries all over California.
Source Nursery
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Short Description: Source Nursery is a fully licensed clone nursery based in Humboldt County, California. It is run by two brothers, Tony and Gordon. Source Nursery delivers well rooted, hardened-off clones ready to be planted. Every clone in the nursery is inspected for imperfections. We understand that passing state mandated testing is vital for your farm. Our strict IPM regimen ensures our customers do not experience testing issues in the future. Check out our website for the 2021 menu:
Phone: (707) 498-1330