Dr Green Thumbs
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Short Description: Dispensaries in several locations including Eureka, CA.
Heart of Humboldt
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Short Description: The Heart of Humboldt has been a locally-owned, family business serving the Arcata community for over ten years. We take pride in our ability to blend old school love for Humboldt cannabis culture, and new school products and knowledge.
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Short Description: Nestled in the heartland of cannabis, HPRC has developed unique relationships with some of the best cannabis cultivators and advocates in the world! Through years of advocacy, support of other business, and community reinvestment, HPRC has been acknowledged as Best Dispensary in Humboldt County (NCJ), Best Budtender, Reader’s Choice Award Best Dispensary, Leafly Top Dispensary United States, and City of Arcata Business of the Year. We are proud members of the Arcata Chamber of Commerce, The Eureka Chamber of Commerce, The Humboldt County Cannabis Chamber of Commerce, Founding members of Women Cultivating Community, and operate a carbon neutral facility through carbon offset investments.
Humboldt’s Premium
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Short Description: Voted best new dispensary and delivery.
Kiskanu Manufacturing, Distribution & Retail
Short Description: Located in Northern Humboldt, our family owned and operated business benefits from over 20 years of experience in the cannabis industry. Kiskanu grows and sources only the freshest and finest cannabis from our network of legacy sun grown cultivators from Humboldt County and the surrounding hills. We source high quality cannabis from local farms for our products packaged flower, prerolls, and cannabis infused skin care. Interested in showing your flower at our Eureka or LA showroom? Contact Kiskanu sells shelf-ready/branded products at their retail outlet in Eureka, contact
One Log House
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Short Description: Cannabis dispensary in Southern Humboldt County.
Proper Wellness Center
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Short Description: Dispensary in Humboldt.
Redwood Roots
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Short Description: Redwood Roots is a homegrown community focused cannabis distributor that works with multi generational farmers and canna-artisans providing a local platform that brings their craft cannabis to market while keeping true to the roots of sustaining a healthy community and environment. TO GET THINGS ROLLING, PLEASE: TALK to a Redwood Roots team member (707) 923-1236. Sarah Hartsoe: Farmer Relations Director,
Phone: (707) 923-1236
The Ganjery
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Short Description: After nearly 20 years in the cannabis industry, we are glad to have our dispensary open to the community. We aspire for the Ganjery to create a safe haven for those in need of one, and to offer elevated healing from plants. The Ganjery is also a place where all questions are welcome, and we hope to learn as much as we educate our customers about not only our products, but the entire cannabis industry. Only within context can one make the most fully informed decisions on your health and life style.