Testing Labs

Cannalysis Labs
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Short Description: A cannabis testing laboratory for customers in California and Oregon who want more than a test; rather a supply chain partner.
Phone: (949)329-8378
Cascadia Labs
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Short Description: Cascadia Labs is a cannabis-centric testing lab located in beautiful Mendocino County California. We offer industry-leading analytical services to meet regulatory and research requirements. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your success.
Phone: 707-241-4216
CW Analytical
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Short Description: California’s preeminent third-party, quality assurance laboratory serving the Cannabis industry since 2009.
Litica Labs
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Short Description: At Litica, cleanliness is vital. Each day our laboratorians ensure the foundation of our business, the laboratory, is in accordance with strict cleanliness guidelines. Focusing on polished equipment results in confident analysis and test results. Based in Eureka, California.
SC Labs
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Short Description: At SC Labs, we help streamline your business. Driven by customer-centric innovation, our testing solutions provide critical tools to cultivate, manufacture, and distribute cannabis or hemp products. By design, our tools bridge the gap between regulatory compliance or research and development—allowing you to innovate faster with increased safety.
Sonoma Lab Works
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Short Description: Sonoma Lab Works is a fully-compliant testing lab that offers state-of-the-art services to clients throughout California. We believe that our origin as an in-house lab to one of Northern California’s largest cannabis manufacturers gives us a special insight to both our clients’ needs for timely and consistent turn around times, and the importance of R&D testing in product development.