Diversity & Inclusivity Training for the Cannabis Industry

Humboldt County Business Development Center (HCBDC) has partnered with Cannaclusive to host the first-ever workshop on diversity and accountability in the cannabis industry designed specifically for Humboldt operators on August 4 and August 11.

Natalynne DeLapp, Executive Director of Humboldt Community Business Development Center (HCBDC) has received multiple inquiries and expects a strong turnout. “This is the right thing to do,” she says. “We are at a collective moment in society to bring awareness to issues of great importance, and which should have been addressed yesterday. We’re excited to see our community meet the moment to learn and ensure that meaningful and long-lasting racial inclusivity is incorporated into our community.”

“We want to aid the Humboldt cannabis industry in understanding issues internally and externally when it comes to diversity, inclusion, and equity as part of relating to current strategies and improving business practices,” says Arlene Pitterson of Cannaclusive who will be presenting the training. Pitterson is director of strategic partnerships and she connects brands to Cannaclusive’s mission of educating, advocating and promoting the business of cannabis, creating new ways for the industry to hold themselves accountable to diversity. She’s also a fierce advocate for Afrolatino issues and has been featured in Essence, Adage and Blossom TV.

The two-part training will stream live on Zoom and HCBDC’s facebook page on August 4 and August 11 at 6pm. Each session lasts 90 minutes. In the first week, Cannaclusive invite participants to review the state of agriculture hiring practices historically from a local and statewide perspective, and explore how to look at plans with a diversity hire perspective. The following week, Cannaclusive will present why diversity hires are good for business, and provide tips on how to look for funding for diversity hires.

Participation is free and the content will be made available on-demand on the HCBDC website.