HCGA 2021 Policy Survey Results

In November, HCGA’s members completed a survey on their top legislative and regulatory policy priorities for 2021. Check out the full results here. On a state level, the top policy priorities for HCGA’s membership include eliminating the cultivation tax, access to banking, interstate commerce, access to direct-to-consumer sales, retail expansion, and improvements to METRC. Top federal priorities are similar, including IP protection for appellations and the Humboldt County name, interstate commerce, and banking. Based on the results of the policy survey, staff will put together a policy strategic plan for 2021 to direct HCGA’s advocacy efforts with state and federal policymakers. Once approved by Policy Committee, that strategic plan will create a vision and framework for HCGA’s policy advocacy for the next year.

Federal Legalization MORE Act Comments

On Monday 1/11/21, HCGA’s policy committee approved an initial set of comments on the MORE Act by unanimous vote. These comments will be shared with policymakers and form a basis for an initial HCGA federal policy platform.

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2021 HCGA Policy Strategic Plan

Based on the results of the HCGA policy survey, discussions with membership, historic HCGA policy priorities, and a sense for the policy issues most likely to emerge in 2021, staff has proposed, and HCGA’s policy commitee has approved, the following policy priorities.

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