Presentation of Humboldt County Cannabis Marketing Assessment

In the below video, HCGA Policy Director Ross Gordon hosts a presentation on the Humboldt County Cannabis Marketing Assessment. The presentation covers the contents of the assessment, including the importance of a countywide branding effort, the usefulness of geographical indications as a model for marketing unique and high-quality regional products, case studies from Colombian Coffee, Kona Coffee, Bordeaux wine and Napa Valley wine, and recommendations for how to apply the experiences of global geographical indications to a Humboldt Cannabis Marketing Program.

Watch a presentation of the video

The goal of the presentation is to raise awareness and understanding of the research process, case studies, and findings and recommendations in the Humboldt cannabis marketing assessment.

Click here to download and read the Marketing Assessment.

Now begins a first-of-its-kind public process to seek input from the community. Public comment on the assessment closes on September 21, 2020. We encourage interested members of the community to review the Assessment and provide feedback to the County before the September 21 deadline. Click here to submit comments to the county.

In May 2020, HCGA was contracted by the county to research and produce the Marketing Assessment to guide the development of a countywide marketing and branding strategy to promote Humboldt cannabis.

Were you Misled?

Are you one of the 7,000 people who signed the petition for the Humboldt Cannabis Reform Initiative (HCRI) and now feel that you were tricked? If so, please take a moment to fill out this form to Help Protect Humboldt’s Legal Cannabis Farmers.

We are seeking testimonials from members of the public who signed the initiative petition under false pretenses. Your information may be used to support the litigation to remove Measure A from the ballot.

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