Federal Legalization MORE Act Comments

On Monday 1/11/21, HCGA’s policy committee approved an initial set of comments on the MORE Act by unanimous vote. These comments will be shared with policymakers and form a basis for an initial HCGA federal policy platform.

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The passage of the MORE Act out of the U.S. House of Representatives is the first time that Congress has put pen to paper on a real and substantive policy to end federal prohibition. The legislation includes many promising provisions, but also significant areas for concern, including a potential exclusion for individuals with felony convictions and the addition of a new and complex federal tax system.

HCGA’s comments focus on removing the felony exclusion, reforming tax policy, and establishing federal IP protections for appellations and the Humboldt name. With both houses of Congress now under Democratic control, the MORE Act will need to be reintroduced (and likely amended) in both the House and Senate before it can move forward, creating an opportunity for significant changes over the coming weeks and months.

2021 HCGA Policy Strategic Plan

Based on the results of the HCGA policy survey, discussions with membership, historic HCGA policy priorities, and a sense for the policy issues most likely to emerge in 2021, staff has proposed, and HCGA’s policy commitee has approved, the following policy priorities.

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