HCGA 2022 Policy Committee Nomination

Nomination period open Wednesday, November 3rd through Wednesday, December 1 at 5pm, and will be followed by a policy committee election for nominees.

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2022 Policy Committee Seated by December 20th, 2021

HCGA uses secure online election software. Members will be emailed through that system when polls open

Thank you for considering running for a policy committee seat to serve your district! Every year HCGA members vote to elect five members of the policy committee divided by county electoral district.

The Humboldt County Growers Alliance (HCGA) Governmental Affairs Program provides governmental relations, public policy, and advocacy activities on behalf of the plant-touching members of HCGA. The Government Affairs Program is directed by the Policy Committee, and implemented by HCGA staff members.

Committee responsibilities include the following:

-Attend weekly Industry Affairs Calls on Wednesdays at 9 am via zoom/call in
-Participate in, as needed, Policy Committee calls/meetings on Mondays at 9 am
-Vote to adopt policy strategic plan
-Vote on policy positions for the organization
-Sign the Policy Committee code of conduct
-Photo and Bio submitted to staff for web page and social media efforts

Election Logistics:

-Yearly election
-Unlimited terms


The entire HCGA membership is invited to participate in the weekly Industry Affairs calls on Wednesday at 9 am where state policy positions will be openly discussed. Policy Committee members are required to participate in the weekly Industry Affairs call to gather input from the membership on issues to inform their decision making process. The Policy Committee the meets, as needed, once a week by conference/video call to vote on discussed policy issues and vote on position of the organization

Any active/current, plant-touching member of HCGA may nominate themselves for the Policy Committee. Members need to apply for a seat based on the Supervisorial District in which their primary business is located (not their place of residence).

The elected members of the Policy Committee represent the other business members within their district. In addition to the district election, please see the following appointments to the 2022 Policy Committee from the Board of Directors (incumbents noted with IC):

Board Member Kaylie Saxon Chairs the Policy Committee (IC)

Board Member David Dickinson appointed– ___________________.
Board Member Scott Davies appointed– Kimberly Haile, Flower Co. (IC)
Board Member Kaylie Saxon appointed– Mark Feldman, Proxima Investments (IC)
Board Member Aaron Lieberman appointed– Nathan Voelckers, Cache Farms (IC)
Board Member Stacia Eliason appointed– Mohamad Alnakhlawi, Humboldt Farms (IC)