Meet Humboldt’s Cannabis Industry

A new series being developed by HCGA to showcase the unique and diverse people behind Humboldt’s exceptional cannabis products, and to help promote your businesses through our supply-chain networks.

Currently, our members are simply listed on our website. Boring. HCGA is building out its website to include individual pages for each of our members. Fill out the brief written interview, upload your favorite photos and logos, include your website URL and instagram, and we’ll do the rest.

Click here to fill out your member profile.

Humboldt’s Budding Canna-Tourism Industry

After decades of prohibition and a War on Drugs, Humboldt finally placed the proverbial welcome mat at our beloved Redwood Curtain inviting any visitors 21+ to enjoy legal canna-tourism. Today, visitors across all demographics and backgrounds are demonstrating interest in Humboldt’s budding canna-tourism industry, be they canna-curious, avid consumers, or invested entrepreneurs in canna-business.

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