Help HCGA Identify Most Pressing Issues Affecting Licensed Cannabis Industry

With the 2020 legislative session behind us, HCGA staff is looking forward to 2021 to consider our policy priorities for the next year.

This an open-ended survey to help us identify the most important issues affecting licensed Humboldt cannabis businesses. Please feel free to fill it out in as much or as little detail as you’d like. We expect the survey to take 15-20 minutes to complete.

Based on survey responses and other input, staff will develop a strategic plan to guide HCGA’s policy priorities in 2021. Once developed, the strategic plan will be voted on by the HCGA policy committee.

This survey is for licensed, plant-touching HCGA members only.

Fill out survey here.

Thank you!

2021 HCGA Policy Strategic Plan

Based on the results of the HCGA policy survey, discussions with membership, historic HCGA policy priorities, and a sense for the policy issues most likely to emerge in 2021, staff has proposed, and HCGA’s policy commitee has approved, the following policy priorities.

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