Grant approved to develop a cannabis Economic Impact Report for northern California

The Bureau of Cannabis Control (Bureau) awarded Humboldt State University funding to develop an Economic Impact Report for northern California’s cannabis industry.

This grant will provide resources to answer long standing questions, will help establish a baseline by which to measure the economic health of the cannabis industry, and by which public policies can be evaluated for efficacy for years to come.

“We are so grateful that the Humboldt Community Business Development Center asked the California Center for Rural Policy and expressed the importance of partnering on creating an economic impact study,” said Connie Stewart, Executive Director of Initiatives, Humboldt State University. “We are incredibly lucky that Dr. Eyler and Sonoma State agreed to partner so we can get a snapshot of the cannabis economy in the entire region. We are thrilled that the Bureau of Cannabis Control saw the wisdom of funding this important project.”

The Bureau of Cannabis Control (Bureau) awarded $29,950,494 in public university research grant funding to universities across California.

“The research conducted through these public university grants will provide critical information for evaluating our legal cannabis system and its impacts,” Bureau of Cannabis Control Chief Lori Ajax said. “This research will be a valuable tool to inform future cannabis policy in California.”

Humboldt’s Budding Canna-Tourism Industry

After decades of prohibition and a War on Drugs, Humboldt finally placed the proverbial welcome mat at our beloved Redwood Curtain inviting any visitors 21+ to enjoy legal canna-tourism. Today, visitors across all demographics and backgrounds are demonstrating interest in Humboldt’s budding canna-tourism industry, be they canna-curious, avid consumers, or invested entrepreneurs in canna-business.

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