Welcome Stacia Eliason to the Board of Directors

Last week, the HCGA Board of Directors elected Stacia Eliason of Bear Extraction House and re-elected Scott Davies of Winterbourne Farms in Honeydew to serve on the Board. The Board would like to thank the members who applied to fill the vacancy.

“We are grateful to the members and their desire to work on behalf of our community and industry,” said Scott Vasterling, Secretary.

Stacia was born and raised in Humboldt County, she graduated with a business degree from UC Santa Barbara and promptly returned to Humboldt where she started developing real estate and eventually was politically involved in the development of the City of Arcata’s Cannabis Innovation Zone (CIZ). During the development of the CIZ, she fought hard to ensure there was inclusion for the emerging local cannabis companies. Once the CIZ was approved she and her partners developed the West End Campus, which is now home to nine local cannabis companies, including Bear Extraction House, which she co-founded.

Stacia is currently an executive at Bear and its sister companies, where she specializes in marketing and branding, business development, and compliance.

Stacia is married to Casey and has three kids. In addition to their work for Bear and the West End Campus, she and Casey manage their family cannabis farms in Willow Creek.

Stacia is happy to support HCGA’s mission by providing expertise in manufacturing, business development, marketing and branding. She is passionate about making sure there is long term economic prosperity for Humboldt’s cannabis industry and that Humboldt stays positioned to able to compete on a state and (someday) national level.

HCGA would like to thank Patrick Kanzler of Solstice Agriculture for serving since January 2018.

HCGA’s Board of Directors serve three-years terms and may re-apply to serve subsequent terms. The vote was decided by Scott Vasterling, Kaylie Saxon and Aaron Lieberman. HCGA opened the nomination to its members on August 31, 2020.

HCGA Staffing Announcement

Welcome back Heather Luther in the position as HCGA’s Membership Director. Heather is re-joining the team to increase membership retention and growth strategies, enhance communication engagement and activity, and be responsive to the needs of the membership.Thank you to Nicole Riggs for serving in the position of HCGA’s Marketing and Education director. Nicole is the founder and owner of Manifesto Synergies, a marketing and branding firm specialized in cannabis.

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